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Working Method

The artist, Alexander Heil, is constantly in search of new pieces of wood and stone. A permanent aspect of his working method lies in this search, in direct contact with nature, for the suitable piece.
The robinia wood is from trees that fell long ago which he finds in regional forests. He gets olive wood from friends, olive farmers in Liguria (northern Italy), often obtaining extremely old trunks that have already been stored since many years. So every piece of basic material already has its own unique history. The black color of the wood sculptures is achieved through a natural treatment. The sculpture’s surfaces are treated with beeswax, vegetable oils and resins.

Robinia Wood Info

Sculptures made of robinia wood are thoroughly weather resistent. Their resistance exceeds even oak wood. As is the case with all types of wood, a silvery patina forms over the years in the outer areas: a natural protective reaction of the wood that has its own aesthetic appeal. This silvery patina can, however, also be avoided with special resin oils.