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Sculptural Gardens

SCULPTURAL GARDENS are a product of my previous work as gardener and landscape architect and of my current work as an artist. In the SCULPTURAL GARDENS art and landscape gardening combine, resulting in an expressive holistic work of art.
Within each garden, park or landscape one or more locations are chosen, which - in harmony with the character of each individual place - undergo a restructuring. By means of this selective design my aim is to open up the entire area to new architectonic and energy-related influences.
The historic, geological and geomantic characteristics of the places serve as inspiration for the design of the sculptures and the planting of the surrounding vegetation. Thus the relevance of a place is made tangible by means of the sculpture and the vegetation; at the same time the sculpture and the plants combine to create a conceptual unit. Both relate to the other as regards content, taking part in a dialogue. A game ensues between plant and sculpture, which changes throughout the seasons and allows the sculptural objects to be interpreted in continually new contexts.
In order to harmonize art and nature with each other the sculptures are not, as is common practice, separated by being positioned on a plinth. Instead the sculptures are connected to the surroundings according to a nature-orientated aesthetic in such a way as to appear at one with the natural growth surrounding it. Thus sculptures can, for example, penetrate the earth, encircle pre-existing trees or even connect a house with a garden.
First and foremost the Sculptural Gardens are long-term sculptural objects in combination with planting of herbaceous perennials, shrubs and trees. The sculptures are of weatherproof hardwoods, stone or bronze, but there are also works of a more ephemeral nature, which slowly disintegrate over the years, offering a spectacle of evanescence.
If you would like to know more about Sculptural Gardens I would be happy to answer any queries.